• Kevin R. Roberts, Attorney At Law

    Kevin R. Roberts is a sole practitioner with a general legal practice located in Birmingham, Alabama.  He specializes in the areas of Criminal Defense, Divorce, Child Support and Child Custody.  Other areas of practice include Personal Injury, Wills, Contracts and Business Formations.

  • Divorce

    Divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved.  I have been representing husbands and wives in domestic cases throughout the state of Alabama.  I have found over the years that experience in the issues of divorce (e.g. custody, support, property division, retirements, and alimony) are critical in advising my clients from the initial consultation through receipt and/or modification of the Final Judgment of Divorce.

  • Criminal Law

    As a member of the Federal Criminal Justice Act Panel (CJA Panel) for the Northern District of Alabama, I have experience representing criminal defendants in the federal courts.  I also represent criminal defendants throughout the state and municipal courts of Alabama , with charges ranging from capital murder and other felonies to simple violations.

  • Child Support

    Whether you are the custodial parent receiving child support or the non-custodial parent required to pay child support, I have the knowledge to help you navigate through the process of establishing paternity and calculating child support.  If necessary, I can assist you to enforce an order that is already in place or  modify a previous order of support.

    Parent and Baby's Hands and Feet
  • Child Custody

    Custody of a child can be a stressful and contentious issue.  Whether you are the parent seeking custody through a divorce, petitition to modify, or a Family Court proceeding, you need knowledgeable legal representation.  Each of these types of proceedings requires a specialized knowledge that only an attorney who regularly practices in this area can bring.  I have been helping and representing parents and children in custody issues since 1999.